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Beauty Works


Collaboration with Beauty Works Online for their influential Brand Ambassadors brings you a truly irresistible Natural, Signature colour pallet Collection.
This enchanting design was featured within the Luxury Christmas gifting boxes of 39 of our most loved influencers, including Molly Mae, Holly Hagen, Demi Jones, and Ellie O’Donnell.

A Classic style, with elegant neutral tones to compliment every interior, makes this arrangement impossible to resist.

Displayed with Portobello Bubble Bottle Glass Vase.



35cm Overall arrangement height approx.
25cm Bloom height approx.

This arrangement is gift wrapped in the Beauty Works Online PR gold wrapping signature.
Consists of: Wild Reed, Natural Baby Fluffy Pampas, Ruscus & Bunny Tails.

One Size; available with and without vase.